"Maximum results - minimum recovery" Approach

Montreal FaceliftsAs recently as a few years ago, rejuvenation surgery committed the patient to painful procedures, with a prolonged recovery period, during which the patient was unable to engage in professional and social activities. The advent of less invasive techniques have made it possible for surgery to be performed with less discomfort and shorter recovery.

Dr. Samaha feels that the old saying "you have to suffer to be beautiful" no longer has a place in today's age of advances in surgical techniques and technology. He strongly believes that surgery need not be painful. In addition, recovery must be rapid to allow patients to benefit from a great result while re-entering their routine as quickly as possible.

Dr. Samaha's has chosen to focus his practice on achieving the best results using the most minimally-invasive techniques to provide his patients with the best possible experience. His specialized training allows him to provide cutting edge advances to his patients. He continuously fine-tunes and optimizes his methods and continuously incorporates the latest advances in his centre for the benefit of his patients.

At our centre, Dr. Samaha has set out to create a system of maximum results, minimum recovery. At the core of this system is a personalized approach with a keen attention to detail. Every consideration is taken to insure an excellent result, no discomfort, maximum safety and a rapid recovery. This concept extends to all aspects of the clinic and operating room environments. It guides every step of the process, including selection of the best type of treatment suited to the patient, the type of anesthesia, the surgical technique, and the postoperative care.

The consultation process

Our maximum results, minimum recovery system begins with the consultation process, where the patient meets the doctor directly. This is a critical step of the process as Dr. Samaha learns about the patient's goals and desires, evaluates the patient's anatomy and esthetics, and recommends a treatment specifically designed and tailored for them. The most important aspect of the consultation is an easy communication between patient and surgeon. Therefore, enough time is always allotted to insure the consultation is not rushed. The rhythm of the consultation is relaxed and Dr. Samaha always takes his time to perform a thorough evaluation and have a detailed and open discussion with the patient to address every detail and concern and answer all of the patient's questions.

The pre-operative preparations then begin. Blood tests are requested, and instructions are provided for the measures the patient needs to take prior to surgery to maximize safety and results. Dr. Samaha explains in detail the different steps that will take place on the day of surgery. He also discusses with the patient all information related to postoperative precautions and recovery time. Written forms of the preoperative and postoperative instructions are also provided for the patient to take home. Photographs are taken. Dr. Samaha later takes his time to thoroughly analyze these photographs as part of his planning process to further refine every surgical maneuver he will use to obtain the desired esthetic improvements.

Planning of the surgery

Dr. Samaha believes that preparation and planning are crucial for insuring the absolute best possible result. As such, he is meticulous to the last detail in planning a surgery tailored to each individual patient. Dr. Samaha's preparation and planning is a detailed and elaborate process. It includes review of all of the patient's medical information and blood test results. The patient's photographs, taken at the time of consultation are important in planning the surgical technique.

At three separate sessions, Dr. Samaha studies, in detail, the patient's photographs and visualizes and plans every surgical maneuver in his mind before the day of the surgery. Dr. Samaha schedules time to sit with these photographs and devotes his attention to analyzing the patient's features, their proportions, and overall esthetic characteristics while taking into consideration the patient's wishes. Each of the three different analysis sessions may reveal another detail and further refine the plan to enhance the final result. This thorough approach is rewarded with results Dr. Samaha's patients appreciate.

The surgery and post-operative care

Our maximum results, minimum recovery system continues on the day of surgery with the anesthesia and surgical technique used. We do not use general anesthesia in our centre. The anesthesia method used is a sedation or "twilight" anesthesia (see Anesthesia). This type of anesthesia provides patients with a comfortable, painless, and smooth experience while avoiding the invasiveness and some of the risks of general anesthesia. This method avoids the negative aspects of general anesthesia while providing the patient with a maximum degree of comfort. Avoiding general anesthesia not only reduces risk, it also allows for a rapid recovery.

Dr. Samaha has developed and refined minimally invasive surgical techniques that require very small incisions that result in minimal bleeding, swelling and bruising. Patients report little to no post-operative discomfort. The short recovery is made easier, and results are seen sooner.

Following surgery, a close follow-up and meticulous post-operative care are essential for optimal healing. Dr. Samaha takes measures to control the healing process to help swelling resolve quickly and insure a thin scar that is well hidden. Dr. Samaha carries out this important part of the overall process personally, rather than delegating postoperative care tasks to his staff.

In conclusion

Every step of the process aims to maximize the esthetic result while minimizing risk, discomfort and recovery time. Beginning with the careful assessment of the patient's wishes to adapt them to his/her anatomy; continuing with meticulous planning and execution of the surgery; and ending with close and attentive post-operative follow-up, every step is carried out with care and attention to detail. Dr. Samaha has been applying this process for years, and continues to develop new and innovative ways to further optimize it. His close attention to detail, without compromise, has led to his reputation and renown.

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