Skin Fillers

FillersSkin fillers are used to add volume most often intended to camouflage a fold or deep wrinkle. They can also be used to enhance the volume of some facial areas such as the cheeks. Skin fillers are different from Botox® / Dysport®. Whereas Botox® / Dysport® relaxes muscles responsible for wrinkling the skin, skin fillers simply add volume without affecting any muscles. The lower face is where skin fillers are most often used.

There are many types of skin fillers available, each with its own characteristics and safety record. Some skin fillers are permanent while others are temporary. Dr. Samaha does not use permanent skin fillers because of their potential risks. In addition, as the face ages, the permanent skin fillers do not change with the changing facial features and eventually may look "out of place". Skin fillers used by Dr. Samaha contain a product that is naturally present in the skin and elsewhere in the body. Therefore the area injected feels soft and natural.

FillersThe filler needs to be placed with precision to achieve the best results. Therefore, detailed knowledge of the anatomy and an appreciation of facial esthetics are essential for a successful result. Dr Samaha's expertise and exclusive focus on the face provide him with the knowledge of the anatomy of the different facial regions and the experience in treating this area.

Dr. Samaha performs skin filler injections in the office. The skin is usually frozen by applying a cream for a few minutes. The filler is then injected with no pain or discomfort. The procedure takes a few minutes and the results are usually seen immediately. There may be a little redness in the area injected and this is easily concealed with makeup.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the recovery?
No recovery period is necessary. Fillers are placed through a simple injection given in the office with a very small needle. It takes 5-10 minutes and patients may carry on their daily activities immediately after their visit. Discomfort is very minimal. Bruising is rare and when it occurs, can be concealed with makeup. A slight redness in the area injected is expected for 24-48 hours.

Do I see the result immediately?
Yes, the result can be seen immediately. However, the area will continue to "set" for a few days after and become smoother.

How long does it last?
The duration can be anywhere from 6 months to 18 months or more, depending on the material injected, the facial area enhanced and the individual. Fillers are available in different consistencies and types. Some last longer than others. In addition, the effect lasts longer in areas which do not move, such as the tear troughs, as compared with very mobile areas such as the lips. Finally, as with every treatment, there is some variation depending on the individual.

If I have fillers repeatedly, will I need less dosage?
Yes and no. Usually, when the effect wears off, another treatment using a similar dosage is required to achieve the same effect. However, it is possible to have smaller dosages injected before the effect wares off completely.

If I don’t repeat the injection will my skin become more loose?
No. Once the effect of the filler wears off after a few months, the folds or hollow areas treated reappear but the skin does not stretch. It simply returns to its original appearance prior to the injections.

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